Every Night…

​I wonder whether I am still in a deep slumber

And for sure I will see you in the morn

Holding your hands

Kissing your lips

Like I used to be, always

My dreams haunt me

I toss and turn

Never had a peaceful sleep

Yearning for your soft touch

Longing for your warm lips

I am drench in misery
Suddenly when I wake up

I see nothing but darkness around

I have no tears left to cry

Just the coldness lurking around
Missing you is not the right word

I feel I am dying every day

I want to live my life with you

When I wake up, I want you next to me…

About Dee

Alive and fighting…
This entry was posted in Dark Poetry, Distance, Dreams, Faith, God please help us, Have faith on us, Heartache, Hold me close, I adore you, I am here to love you, I am yours, I hate this distance, I love you so much, I need you in my life, I need you so much closer, I need you to breathe, I will love you for thousand years and thousand more, I will spend my life with you, I write for You, Lonely Evenings, Lonely Mornings, lonely nights, Love, love me, Love will show us the way, love you baby, Love you Forever, Meant to be with You, Melancholy, Missing, My Baby, My everything is you, My life and my soul is you, My life is you, My life is yours, My soul mate, My World, Our Love Story, Pain, Patience, Poetry, Pure Love, Read my mind, Real Love, Relationships, Silence, Soul, Soulmate, Thank God for YOu, Thank you for loving me, Thoughts, Together, Trust Me, Us, Waiting, We are meant to be together forever, We are meant to fly together, We will fly together soon, You, You and Me, You are my hero, You are my life, You are my life line, You are my soul, You are the air I breathe, You are the BEST, You make me complete, You make me happy. Bookmark the permalink.

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