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What’s today, is it yesterday?

Days morph into each other. Is today yesterday or tomorrow? Or is it last week? I dream of work where I don’t want to be. They are all traitors, liars and used me. Why do I have to prove I … Continue reading

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Day is not done…

One truth That cannot hide Or twisted Day light Will shed Truth will appear… March 18, 2023

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Ache in my heart…

Ache in my heart Where all the tears are stored It hurts every time I breathe Tomorrow and tomorrow I wait Wait And wait.., March 11,2023

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Will tomorrow be better than today?

This body, this heart, this mind that wanders I try to be mindful and silent, but they all ponder A week, gone by, that was faster or was it slow? All I know, my whole being was like, go go … Continue reading

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My breathing is faster and I’m not even running. In my head, my doom is coming. I cannot concentrate and I am seriously slacking. How this is all going to end, this got me thinking. March 10, 2023

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Light at the end of the tunnel…

Heart’s cold just like outside Snow froze all my blood Darkness and light, that is indeed the fight Hope hibernates for the seventh years Backstabbers, haters around Fight makes me tired I just need a miracle, that goes my way … Continue reading

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I am only HUMAN…

  You loved me, I do not deny Not today but once upon a time I could feel it in my bones You glaze sent shivers down my spine And when our eyes met I remember how you smiled colyly … Continue reading

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Am I toxic to you?

  Who am I to you? Just a footnote of Once upon a story?   A memory you choose to forget And move on with the crowd?   A mistake, the worst kind So toxic, That you cannot stand?   … Continue reading

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If I go away, I want you to know…

“Would you love me if I was an invalid?” You asked me once, I said “ I don’t wanna hear about it”   But would you love me if I become an invalid? I felt the fear tonight It I … Continue reading

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Soul Walk…

Wish I could let my soul walk Passing oceans between To appear before you And to kiss you till You fall asleep… 03/03/2017

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