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What’s today, is it yesterday?

Days morph into each other. Is today yesterday or tomorrow? Or is it last week? I dream of work where I don’t want to be. They are all traitors, liars and used me. Why do I have to prove I … Continue reading

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Sigh, breath, sigh…

Frost bitten My whole soul… March 14,2023

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Ache in my heart…

Ache in my heart Where all the tears are stored It hurts every time I breathe Tomorrow and tomorrow I wait Wait And wait.., March 11,2023

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Will tomorrow be better than today?

This body, this heart, this mind that wanders I try to be mindful and silent, but they all ponder A week, gone by, that was faster or was it slow? All I know, my whole being was like, go go … Continue reading

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One step at a time…

I used to see the best in people, until they always proved me wrong. I used to trust people with all my heart, but they unfortunately have hidden agendas. I hope you can resonate with me? I always believed that … Continue reading

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What my life has become…

I know people who come here by their faces, by their names, their manners or ill manners. Most of them are university students, (obviously because I work in a university store) Some professors, many staff members. A smile, a nod … Continue reading

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Wake up and Fight…

Wished for miracles, then I got you You held the forte when I crumble, reassured there won’t be much blues I’m trying to wake up, from my ashes just want to soar, conquering the sky like a Phoenix I write, … Continue reading

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