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This is me saying Goodbye…

I was in love with you for six years. All these poems are for you and for our love. We saw a future together, you and me. But here I am on my own and you are there.  Forgetting you … Continue reading

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I don’t know what I should do anymore…

All these years I wrote for you. Even when you hurt me, I could not stop loving. But you do not love me anymore. I am hurt and feeling cold. I may never write again. I will not delete my … Continue reading

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I am scared to be Lonely…

I came running to you. After every fight, every misunderstanding, every time sharp words stabbed the hell out of me or you. After every tear, after every pain, after every problem, I came running to you. You used to ignore … Continue reading

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Do you even remember me?

I walked alone on empty streets Saw puddles of melting snow I wonder what you’d think right now Do you even remember me?   16/03/2017

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I am only HUMAN…

  You loved me, I do not deny Not today but once upon a time I could feel it in my bones You glaze sent shivers down my spine And when our eyes met I remember how you smiled colyly … Continue reading

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Can you just walk away?

How can you just walk away When I have love for us both Overflowing? Tied down to words I was stabbed And my innocence Questioned I could not walk away Still I look at you Trying to find a glimpse … Continue reading

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Am I toxic to you?

  Who am I to you? Just a footnote of Once upon a story?   A memory you choose to forget And move on with the crowd?   A mistake, the worst kind So toxic, That you cannot stand?   … Continue reading

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If I go away, I want you to know…

“Would you love me if I was an invalid?” You asked me once, I said “ I don’t wanna hear about it”   But would you love me if I become an invalid? I felt the fear tonight It I … Continue reading

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Slow and silent death…

I feel my heart is numb And blood turning cold Would all my emotions die, A slow and silent death? 05/03/2017

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Insomania Continues…

All night I am awake Tossing Turning Wondering How fucked up My life is… 05/03/2017

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