Once upon a time…

Dreamt about once upon a time

Separate lives, so many miles apart

Here I am, with a brand new life

Rising from the ashes, building from the scratch…

~ Dee~

September 2nd, 2021


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Remember me, till you forget!

Stars and sun would still shine, I have no doubt

magpies would fly around, bees will find a new route

Nonstop noise of moving cars, nothing will ever stop

When I’m gone, the whole world will go on, there will be no lights out

This city is full of memories of me, would you remember me?

Cherry stop, walking paths, rabbits and squirrels might bring you glee

I hope to guard every step you take, I don’t know God might have other plans for me

If you start to forget me, let it be, it will set you free

Everyday, a new start, I was (and is) happiest with you

You touched my very soul my love, you took away all my blues

No matter when I go, I will go with heart full of you

Remember me, till you forget, how much I love you, darling you have no clue!

~ Dee~

August 28,2021

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After much thought and planning, I have started my own business!

Check out http://www.dilipani.com

#dilipani #yourguidinglight

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Melancholy Day!

Forget me nots and daffodils
Darker clouds and rain
I stopped feeling my tear stained cheeks
It’s too cold but it’s fine

Smelling fresh cut grass, looking at bashful robins
Puddles of rain once upon a time
Now I look at a wondering cloud
Counting all that are mine

Memories, new and distant
Most are saved safely in my mind
Heartaches and broken melodies
Life is a blessing but not all the time!

#melancholy #mywriting #saturdaymood

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The Climb…

Climbing tall mountains, with sorrows intact

Life is a struggle, of course, it’s a fact

Writing the future, one page at a time

Let’s forgive those who broke me, even though it’s a crime?

~ Dee~

April 9, 2021

#destiny #future #thoughts

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Sometimes tears fall,because they are heavy…

Left my homeland, everything green and blue

Running in this labyrinth, my heart is simply blue

Today is better than yesterday, for once that is true

Where is that heart who understood me without clue?

Crying is not a joy, it just bring gloom

It clears the mind and reminds me it’s not my doom

It’s not just waterworks, it’s how your spirit talks

May be tears are just falling, simply because it’s heavy?


April 1,2021


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I’m sure my future is going to be awesome, however sometimes I have drawbacks and doubts. I worry about money, I worry about my parents, I worry about driving because I’m yet to have my driver’s license and I do worry about many more things.

I wish I could calm down!

~ Dee~

March 22,2021

#worrier #life #calmdown

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First day of Spring…

Rolling in the grass with my puppy and the love of my life, I am thankful for my life. Under the blue skies, getting my hands dirty by creating my first garden, these are huge things for me.

Four springs ago, I was alone and was in a mess.

It’s great not to be alone!

~ Dee~

March 20,2021

#firstdayofspring #westiesoftheweb #yyc #lifeisgood

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Mission in life…

You would always remember feelings.

I remember that moment I left my country, to immigrate to Canada, I felt a lump on my throat. I remember calling my (then) girlfriend while waiting to be onboard, then I remember texting her while I was on the plane. The plane started to move, then it started ascending and I remember texting her but it was not delivered.

The next time, I went back home, we were not together.

Moving to a new country, living, studying there is no small feat. You realize that you are brown, something I never thought before in life. You would think all the immigrants would flock together, which would have been the smart thing but no. There is so much segregation and lack of support. It is the survival of the fittest.

However, there are people who would lookout for one another, support others, make sure others are okay. Not many but few good hearted ones.

I just want to join that club!

~ Dee~

March 5,2021

#community #canada #support

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Conflicts are part and parcel of life. The internal conflicts you would have with yourself, for instance should I call her/him or should I have pineapple on pizza or not, or with others.

It’s very easy to start a conflict with someone. You just have to look the (according to them) wrong way or say the wrong thing, it could spark trouble.

Kids have conflicts with their parents because of generational gap. The list is endless.

What would you do in a conflict?

I become silent, if truth be told, I will mutter something under my breath. Or I cry, I would let the other person see those tears, it might be seen as a small victory for them. If it is too tensed, I might cry in front of them because it needs to be shown that I’m hurt. There is a thin line. I write when I’m conflicted, it helps to ease the pain and internal trauma.

What would you do when you are in a conflict? What is your coping mechanism?

~ Dee~

February 20,2021


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