#handmaid’s tale
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What’s today, is it yesterday?

Days morph into each other. Is today yesterday or tomorrow? Or is it last week?

I dream of work where I don’t want to be. They are all traitors, liars and used me.

Why do I have to prove I am good, when living among bad people?

Why there is two truths to every story? Or is it three?

I asked for a miracle and saw two house finch birds, red headed?

I hope I’m not hallucinating.

April 12,2023

My pup, Albus!
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I am scared and that’s the truth…

That’s it, that’s the post.

It’s the truth.

At this moment, I’m frustrated, scared and lost.

I feel responsible, I feel powerless, I keep screaming at God in my head.

God, are you still there?

April 11, 2023

Four birds, paradise…
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Universe, listen to me…

You send me one Brutus after the other,

I don’t know what to do

You made me lost faith in humanity

I don’t know what to do

Wrong side, wrong path, wrong place at wrong time

I’m trying to hold on to little things that are mine…

All I have you is you…

~ April 6, 2023~

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I’m lost, again…

Used, again

Hurt, again

Lost, again….

March 31,2023

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What next…

Future uncertain

What next?

March 26,2023

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Day is not done…

One truth

That cannot hide

Or twisted

Day light

Will shed

Truth will appear…

March 18, 2023

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Sigh, breath, sigh…

Frost bitten

My whole soul…

March 14,2023

It’s cold…
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Ache in my heart…

Ache in my heart

Where all the tears are stored

It hurts every time I breathe

Tomorrow and tomorrow

I wait


And wait..,

March 11,2023

All I need is fucking hope…

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Will tomorrow be better than today?

This body, this heart, this mind that wanders

I try to be mindful and silent, but they all ponder

A week, gone by, that was faster or was it slow?

All I know, my whole being was like, go go go

Will tomorrow be better than today?

Or would it be just a day full of grey?

March 10, 2023

aurora borealis I saw last year!
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