Remember me, till you forget!

Stars and sun would still shine, I have no doubt

magpies would fly around, bees will find a new route

Nonstop noise of moving cars, nothing will ever stop

When I’m gone, the whole world will go on, there will be no lights out

This city is full of memories of me, would you remember me?

Cherry stop, walking paths, rabbits and squirrels might bring you glee

I hope to guard every step you take, I don’t know God might have other plans for me

If you start to forget me, let it be, it will set you free

Everyday, a new start, I was (and is) happiest with you

You touched my very soul my love, you took away all my blues

No matter when I go, I will go with heart full of you

Remember me, till you forget, how much I love you, darling you have no clue!

~ Dee~

August 28,2021

About Dee

Alive and fighting…
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2 Responses to Remember me, till you forget!

  1. Scintillating poetry. Every word comes alive and pierces the soul, not to be forgotten:)

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