Me and Myself and I…


My body,

My mind,

My views,

My opinions,

My thoughts,

My feelings,

My memories,

My life,

My world,

My, mine or I, attaching each day,

Making Everything so messed up,

Knowingly you are making yourself vulnerable,

To pain, to agony and despair,

 Can’t you see?

Open your eyes and mind,

Look at the bitter truth,

Hey, you,

You don’t even own yourself,

Well, that is right,

You heard me right,

Never let your desires make you run harder,

Since everything should cease and decay,

Everyone must face this truth,

This harsh, bitter and ugly truth,

Which at the end will help you to die in peace,

The universal truth they refuse to accept everyday.

@ 2011/ May – D.H

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2 Responses to Me and Myself and I…

  1. booguloo says:

    You are the captain of your ship. Sail towards the falls or towards the sunrise. Tack with the wind.

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