Fear not my Love…

Fear not my love

Let me make your soul stirred

You are the only one,

So powerful and brave

That I have eyes only for you

In times of great mystery and hard luck

I want you to sail along with the rough winds

The tide is high and mighty you may feel

But you are born to fight and so do I

Hope is alive, faith is untainted

God is above and he watches us both

He knows we are devotees of him

Never altered or changed

So God will be with us

In our journey,

The road may be look like a labyrinth

But we know where our destiny want us to go

Close your eyes

Take my hand

We will plunge into the unknown

Believing in God almighty

He knows what’s best

And for me you are THE BEST

So I will have you

Again and again

Till I fail to breathe in this world

And many lives to come

Don’t hide from me

Our souls are interwoven

The path is in front of us

Let us walk, hand in hand

To our marvelous future

And let us sing love songs…






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