So in Love with You…

Days pass without my notice

I see only you

What happens around me

I know not, don’t blame

You are the one I see

The best sound I want to hear

Is the sound of your loveable voice

It gives me butterflies, even today

You I always love to hear

The touch, your touch mesmerized my soul

My heart flutters when I feel you

You make my world a wonderland

You are the best amongst the best

The affection, undivided, it’s all for me

I’m so in love with you

Every day, is better than how we spent before

Oh, I’m so in love with you….









(photo :







In acceptance of the Perfect Poets Award Week 60…


Dakshi ~

2012– 18/01

© All Rights Reserved

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2 Responses to So in Love with You…

  1. becca givens says:

    Beautiful tribute … Congratulations on your well deserved award! 🙂

  2. Wolf says:


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