Love is a two way street

Reciprocity is golden they say

Committed to love

Never hurting the heart

Those are qualities I always wanted

Even in my dreams

I’m glad, so glad

You are a marvel, so adorable

I love it when you put myself ahead of you

I know you are willingly going through any pain

You’ll walk on fire for me

I know, I know

And giving me all I ever want

More than anything, so precious, you know

You love me, more than anything

You are so unique,

You are my love

Make me proud of the gift I have

I’m thankful for you

I say,

I always love you,

I always say…..











(photo : )


Dakshi ~

2012– 26/01

© All Rights Reserved

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3 Responses to Marvel…

  1. Wolf says:

    ” Don’t take your love away from me
    cause if you leave, you might as well
    take the air I breathe.”

  2. psychevida says:

    Beautiful. Thank you.

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