Eternal Love…

Your boyish charms

Make my heart jump in bliss every time I see you

No matter how far we are, or we are having a fight

My God, I love you

I truly am

When I see you from afar, I run to you

Can’t turn away from your magnanimous magnetic field

Don’t wanna run away too


You are the fountain of my life

You are the spring, my eternal spring

You are the moment I always want to seize

I wish I could freeze the time

And hide in a cozy corner with you

Trapped in eternity

With you by my side

Holding hands, embracing

Kissing you softly

I wanna spend my lifetime with you

Wanna lose myself in your love…











(photo :….390187)


Dakshi ~

2012– 25/01

© All Rights Reserved

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7 Responses to Eternal Love…

  1. Wolf says:

    ” Come take my hand
    I want the world to see
    What you mean to me “

  2. bajanpoet says:

    awww that’s sweet!

  3. enjoy it,

    have fun today, thanks for sharing.

  4. ” I wish i could freeze time and hide in a cozy corner with you” siiiigh! ♥ LOVE this!

    my latest

  5. mbwilliams says:

    Very romantic, and very well written

  6. zongrik says:

    ah, the days of the teenage crush


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