Rest of our lives…

Days have passed, I have stopped counting

When was the first day you mesmerized my heart?

When did our souls entwined as one?

When our hearts started beating as one?

When did we started to think as one?

I have stopped counting,

I don’t need to, do I?

When I have you beside me in every step I take

When I feel your warmth, touching my hand

So gentle, so much care

We share our life together

Long way to go, far far away

God has been so merciful

For he has chosen the best

And till the end of times

To share every moment, to share every feeling

To have and to hold

To love endlessly, effortlessly

To make heaven on earth

With you, I will spend

The rest of my life,

Rest of our lives

We’ll spend












( photo :

Dakshi ~

2011 – 31/12

© All Rights Reserved

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