It’s still going….

I had a massive breakdown couple of weeks ago. After months and months of job searching, I was depressed although I did not want to acknowledge it.

I did not want to go home when I finished work. I worked out slower than usual in the gym, got into the bus and wanted to go till the end of the journey without getting down at my stop.

It was not an easy day. I realized I focus too much on what I do not have, what I cannot do, what I wish I had.

I stopped. Totally stopped and took a break. I did not want to go crazy, I have not much of a support system here, especially my parents are far away from me.

At one point I was checking websites for jobs every five minutes, not having any results made me frustrated and angry at myself, which in retrospect is stupid because it’s not my fault.

I have stopped trying too hard, everything is up to destiny and I’m just gonna sit back and watch it unfold…

Bless you all!

~ Dakshi~

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