Do You Feel?

Do you feel my love?

Yes I do, in every breath I take


How much you love me?

More than you, more than anything in this world


Can you live without me?

Don’t even think, even that thought makes me suffocate

I love you too, I know you too, and more than me do


Why do we fight, at times, why do you think?

Because I love you and I want you all the time


So is it because of love? Because you love me so much?

Yes it’s because love, it’s because overflowing love


Be with me always, without you I will be none

How can I ever go, how can I just leave my life, my Soul mate?










Dakshi ~

2012– 18/02

© All Rights Reserved


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1 Response to Do You Feel?

  1. Ru says:

    Feel your love,
    your overflowing love.
    Dream of a love,
    such a wonderful love.

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