Enough said…

Grateful to my life, to my soul

I am going to give myself, my all.

~ Dee~

Feb 13,2021


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Life sucks…

One day, I’m top of the world

One day just want to curl up in a ball

One day, I’m a ray of positivity

One day, I Just miss my mum’s hugs

At times, life sucks…


Feb 7,2021

#lifesucks #positivity #drained #energy #life

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Universal Signs…

If you’be been reading my blog, you do know that I have started to ask universe for a sign.

Guess what? I got two signs yesterday not only one.

Before I went to bed, I listen to one of the meditations by Ulla Suokko. I talked about her in my previous post. Then I was telling my partner how I don’t want to die without attaining what I was supposed to do with my life.

Then it started snowing and she was looking outside the window. We used to have a rabbit in our garden, a wild jack rabbit of course and we haven’t seen him for months. She was delighted to let me know the rabbit was back. “ This is your sign”, said she.

Not long after that, one of my good friends, who is a mental health therapist called me and gave me an idea that was brilliant. I am planning to start my own start up organization with that idea.

You might laugh at me but I think I got my sign?

~ Dee~

January 24, 2021

#universe #signs #rabbits #goodluck #life #universeistalkingtome

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Asking Universe for a Sign…

I don’t know how many of you have heard of Ulla Suokko. She is from Finland, now living in Peru, an international concert artist with a Doctoral degree from The Juilliard School, is an energy intuitive, Transformational Coach, a TEDex speaker and an author.

I listen to her TEDex talk in 2019.

The link is https://youtu.be/c_X_sPNUDes

It’s about signs from the universe. I thought it’s quite brilliant, I listened to it again and again.

If you are reading my blog, the previous post was about finding purpose in my life. I feel a sense of something missing as I explained, one vital piece of my life is missing.

I thought strangely stumbling upon this talk was a sign. I am going to experiment it, I am going to ask the Universe for clearer sign. Am I on the right path? What is going to happen to me in five years time? I’m curious and I want answers.

I will keep you all posted.

~ Dee~

January 23,2021

#universe #signs #ullasuokko #mylife #goals #myfuture #givemeasign

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Time is now…

I need some excitement in my life, something to look forward to, especially during covid.

I’m grateful I have a job, a home with love, do not get me wrong.

Getting old but still yet to make that mark in the world. May be I’m to just die and fade away with my fragile soul?

~ Dee~

#fragilesoul #alberta #yyc #nature #snow #thoughts

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#elbowfalls, Alberta

Can I sit in silence?

Till I figure life out?

Or a time out.

~ Dee~

January 16,2021

#elbowfalls #alberta #visitalberta #saturday #iphoneshots #nature

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It’s coming…

Do you feel that something big is coming your way? I do. I always feel I’m meant to do bigger things but it’s not my time yet. I’m hoping for those miracles that is going to change my life.

~ Dee~

January 11,2021

#hope #miracles #bigthingsarecoming #ifeelit

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Covid 2021!

Work colleague’s parent is dying of covid. It touched a nerve. Covid is coming so near to our lives, it scrawls all over our future. I have not seen my parents in almost two years. I have not travelled out of country for a year. Started my work virtually, seven months ago. Met my work colleagues only once.

These are strange times. It’s hard to stay bubbly and positive. It sure drains us.

What can we do but waiting?

~ Dakshi~

January 7,2021

#covid #2021 #life #yyc #vaccine #hope?

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Inner Peace…

Say it out loud,

“My inner peace matters the most”

When you are in crossroads

When you are melancholic

When you think of running away with your thoughts…

~ Dee~

January 5,2021

#innerpeace #poetry #january #lifeisnoteasy #yougotthis

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Dreams will become reality…

I was always a dreamer but I was not always prepared. I just flew to an unknown land without a back up plan. I thought everything will be alright. I was wrong. It took five years to figure out things, rewrite life and drag it to a new direction.

If you ask me whether I am still a dreamer, I would say, I have plans, realistic ones and I am making sure I am on the right path. You have to fall to know that you have the strength to go on, when you fail you would know how it would feel to be successful.

Dreams can be reality, but lot of work needs to be done. Life will test you in numerous ways and you will stand up, even though you were destroyed once.

Take it from me..

~ Dee~

Jan 4,2021

#dreams#life #fight#destiny #reality

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