Mission in life…

You would always remember feelings.

I remember that moment I left my country, to immigrate to Canada, I felt a lump on my throat. I remember calling my (then) girlfriend while waiting to be onboard, then I remember texting her while I was on the plane. The plane started to move, then it started ascending and I remember texting her but it was not delivered.

The next time, I went back home, we were not together.

Moving to a new country, living, studying there is no small feat. You realize that you are brown, something I never thought before in life. You would think all the immigrants would flock together, which would have been the smart thing but no. There is so much segregation and lack of support. It is the survival of the fittest.

However, there are people who would lookout for one another, support others, make sure others are okay. Not many but few good hearted ones.

I just want to join that club!

~ Dee~

March 5,2021

#community #canada #support

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3 Responses to Mission in life…

  1. amleta says:

    I’ve been in Toronto some time ago. You still live there? It was so beautiful but someone told me life there was boring. Houses are big but peopleare sad.

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