Conflicts are part and parcel of life. The internal conflicts you would have with yourself, for instance should I call her/him or should I have pineapple on pizza or not, or with others.

It’s very easy to start a conflict with someone. You just have to look the (according to them) wrong way or say the wrong thing, it could spark trouble.

Kids have conflicts with their parents because of generational gap. The list is endless.

What would you do in a conflict?

I become silent, if truth be told, I will mutter something under my breath. Or I cry, I would let the other person see those tears, it might be seen as a small victory for them. If it is too tensed, I might cry in front of them because it needs to be shown that I’m hurt. There is a thin line. I write when I’m conflicted, it helps to ease the pain and internal trauma.

What would you do when you are in a conflict? What is your coping mechanism?

~ Dee~

February 20,2021


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