Eight thousand miles and almost five years…

I came to Canada almost five years ago. Eight thousand miles, that’s how far I flew. I had plans, not many but one. To be with the love of my life.

Long distance, it makes or breaks life. It separates people. It changes people. It hurts people. It allow people to grow, and grow apart.

I was pretty sure my life was going to be with her. We could make it work, we were in love, but was it enough? I thought it was.

Days passed. Culture shock, loneliness, snow and many more things came in between. Fights were frequent. Time difference was unbearable.

If anyone would have made it work, it could have been me. I was a planner, but hey, life had other plans for me.

My naive heart died. I was devastated. I was lost, I was losing my mind.

Take it from me, long distance never works.

Coming out was a huge thing for me, especially to my parents. My aunts (unconsciously) rejected me, my mother tolerates me, my sister is ashamed of me, my father never talks about it.

It hurts. It kills me but we have a one life.

I am determined to live it, in away that makes me happy.

~ Dee~

February 16,2021

#canada #comingout #lgbtq #mystory #mylife #randomthoughts

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