What my life has become…

I know people who come here by their faces, by their names, their manners or ill manners. Most of them are university students, (obviously because I work in a university store) Some professors, many staff members. A smile, a nod but most people do not acknowledge my presence, for them I’m just a person who serves them.

I know prices of most of the stuff we sell, chips, fizzy drinks, chocolates and the list goes on.

I call my mother in mornings and evenings, it feels warm, somebody knows who I was, my past life.

My legal days are over. Its been 10 years that I was called to the bar but nobody knows ‘that me’ here.

Everyday is a struggle to keep my sanity, to keep my cheer, keep my positivity going.

The easy, privileged life is gone.

I am just a underemployed social worker who used to be a lawyer now working as a sales associate.

That is my story.

About Dee

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