Sky is changing colours…

Most difficult thing is to stay positive when nothing works out. After studying for couple of years and thinking I would get a job right away, I find myself working in a convenience store, grumpy and frustrated. It’s hard, to start from the scratch and waiting for the right moment, for the right people to call you.

I was taking to one of my friends, who has gone through most of what I went through. What she said inspired me. I left everything behind to be with the person I loved at that time, family, money, fame everything. I took a massive risk. My love life did not work out but I found someone who love me, not right away. I went through trauma and pain and depression but I found somebody, to love and who loves me in return.

Now I can be myself, although I do not have fame or wealth which can be earned.

So I guess it turned out well, my adventure.

~ Dakshi ~

28th Dec,2019

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2 Responses to Sky is changing colours…

  1. globalunison says:

    I am so happy for you Dakshi that you gave love another chance. You deserve it.

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