A New Start…

If you have followed me from the start you all would know that I have abandoned my blog for more than two years. I never thought I will return but here I am.

My heart was broken and slowly but surely I am back to my usual self, trying to move forward, trying to make a life.

It’s not easy. I had to start from the scratch and study a whole new field. I was a lawyer and now I am a social worker, but underemployed.

For the past three and half years, I was doing jobs I never thought I will. At one point I was doing three jobs at once while studying.

Right now I am working at a convenience store for students in University of Calgary. Its not easy but I guess this too shall pass.

I am happy and trying to stay positive. I hope you all are happy to see me.

So let’s start a brand new story!!!

Stay blessed!

(Brighton Pier, captured by me – Nov,2019)



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6 Responses to A New Start…

  1. Uj says:

    Welcome back.. Waiting for more posts..

  2. Stay encouraged keep God in your life, and you will be find. Welcome back.

  3. globalunison says:

    I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU! All the best for everything you do in life.

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