This is me saying Goodbye…

I was in love with you for six years. All these poems are for you and for our love. We saw a future together, you and me. But here I am on my own and you are there. 

Forgetting you is impossible. I do not even try and continuing this blog is something I thought I should not be doing. It does not feel right. 

I can be found on Instagram and my page is @coldheartedhiccups. If you like my poetry,please meet me there. 

I will not write here again.

I will always love you. Just like the first day, til my last breathe.



(Bow River,Calgary, Canada – photo by Me)

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Not writing in this blog anymore....
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6 Responses to This is me saying Goodbye…

  1. Dakshima, wherever you are your wonderful poems, your selfless, genuine heart and spirit will always be a treasure to me, my sister! Keep writing and sharing your heart. God bless and know we all love you!

    • Dakshi says:

      Thanks Wendell. You were always like a brother to me. Always looking out. I have written almost 3000 poetry for the love of my life and my love will not change. Ever. This place suffocates me. I need to go. Come find me on instagram.


    May your dreams become a lovely reality
    May you find that special one you need
    One who will put you far ahead of them
    While daily striving to satisfy your needs

    May they be one whose heart is truly selfless
    One who will always seek to be genuinely true
    May they greet your precious smile each day,
    With a priceless gift of love born for only you

    May your hearts seek to become one together
    Never ever wanting a single day to be apart
    May God bless your life with a priceless gem
    A reward for your faithful pleasing heart

    For God will hear your fervent prayers nightly
    While embracing their true pureness alive within
    Wanting to answer them very perfectly for you
    With someone spiritually special chosen by Him.


  3. Ru says:

    Wish you could see my tears. I am lost. I walk not knowing where I go.

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