You are a diamond…

I am feeling lost with my train of thought

I am pretty innocent I have no plot

It’s true we will would die someday, Of course we would rot

But you are the only one I believe, only one I got


I sigh knowing what my heart must go through

It has its own quota of bad days, it has its blues

I am better person than the one I always knew

I never lie or fool around and it makes my life true


I admit I stared while you sleep

I hope you would not find me as a creep

My love for you is true and deep

You are a diamond, a one to keep


Just like the first ray of morning sunshine

You bring warmth to my world and you are mine

I miss you when you sleep, no I do not whine

You are the one I love, the one I am destined…




About Dakshi

I thought I was in love, till I met you. I love you, so much...
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2 Responses to You are a diamond…

  1. Divyang Shah says:

    Nicely expressed… 🙂

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