Meeting of mind…

I was in love,Or thought I was

Till I met you on that fine day

I felt your warmth, I felt that you do care

From thousand miles away


Was it just a love at first sight?

I think it’s just meeting of minds

You fascinated me by being merely you

And you made sure to chase away all the blues


We rewrote the laws of attraction I believe

And you knew I wear my heart of my sleeve

You let me rediscover my whole being

You chased away my demons that I kept seeing


I was a breathing corpse, I think I was

Without a doubt was just a lost cause

I was just giving up myself to devil’s jaws

Till you appear, I think Angels applaused


Now I know what breathing is like

Without suffocating like before

Now I feel what love is like

Because you make sure I glow


I love you, so very much,I always do

I am so very thankful I found you

I hope to be the brightest star

Always with you, would NEVER go far…




About Dakshi

I thought I was in love, till I met you. I love you, so much...
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