I am only HUMAN…


You loved me,

I do not deny

Not today but once upon a time

I could feel it in my bones

You glaze sent shivers down my spine

And when our eyes met

I remember how you smiled colyly

Those were the days before hurricane

Those were the days we were in love


What happened in between

I would like to know

When I spend agonizing days

And nights

On my own

You said you love me

But you broke my heart

Not once, not twice

But many a times


Questioned eyes and wrath

Days in silence

You cut me off without a touch


You deprived me all the kisses

Avoiding all my pleads

You made me feel numb

Against my wishes


I had so much love

Only for you, only for you

But you were determined to torture me

You made all the rules

Love cannot be forced

It should spring from the heart

I don’t know what you feel anymore

I just know you are a coldheart…



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