If I go away, I want you to know…

“Would you love me if I was an invalid?”

You asked me once,

I said “ I don’t wanna hear about it”


But would you love me if I become an invalid?

I felt the fear tonight

It I twist my limbs

If I hit my head harder

If I lose myself in this snow

If I freeze til I die?

Would you even know?


When my body is rotting under thick ice

You would try to reach me

Would you miss me, then?

When they’d find my bones

You will write to me

What would you think of me?

Would you dream of us together?

Would you wonder where I am?

Would you worry like I always do?


I would be gone,

Never doubt of my love, even for a second

Until my last breath

I would have loved you,

Like I always do

till  my heart beats…


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