In my arms,Here, tonight…

All my Words would sound hollow now,

Every word losing that magical power

To make you smile,

They are lies,

You think so,

I know


Thousand unfulfilled promises

Promises to be together

Holding hands

Kissing til you are breathless

Waking up to a new dawn



I know


All those words true

Still are

Love is a tightrope walk it seems

Razor sharped words

Stabbing me mercilessly

I used to run to you

I knew you were always there

Tears blurring my vision

I cannot

Go on


Love me like you always do

Have faith,

I just wanna die alone,

Without you by myside

I cannot shake this feeling

I know you can’t too

I know you miss me

More than I do,

You say


But icy cold winds

Piercing my will

I just wanna see you

In my arms, here, tonight…



About Dee

Alive and fighting…
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