If I die tonight….


I want you to know,

If I die tonight

That I have never stopped loving you,


Even when you hurt me,

My bloodshot eyes

Will not give up on you


Even my veins are drained

And even my heart ripped

I would not think

I can ever stop loving you

But I want you to know that

If I die tonight,

I really want you to know



You see the sun

When I see the moon

You wake up

When I am asleep

I envy those around you

They see more of you

They are right infront of you

I am not


I do not know you hear

My silent sobs at night

I don’t know you really care

To hear anyway

Do you read between the lines?

Do you listen to my silence?

Would you wipe my tears

If you see them tonight?

You are my morning, noon, night and inbetween

You are my zest and you brought out my best

You are my sweetest words, you are my best poem

Without you I am not complete

Without you I am not living


Think of me, when you hurt me next time

If I am alive, then

Love me a little, kiss me more

Hold me tight and never let me go?




About Dee

Alive and fighting…
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