I live in the Snow…

I remember all the promises

I remember all the smiles

I remember everything

I would never lie


I remember how our eyes met

I remember the grin in your face

I remember I cannot forget

I would never lie or deny


I was so lost, you found me

You pulled me up and you held me tight

It was you, it will always be you

I would not lie


The moment I left you, I felt my soul

Crashing inside and burning

My heart stopped beating

My spirit was lost

I am not myself anymore


That warmth, that glow

Those feelings, now woes

I should have understood, I should have known

Now I just breathe and live with the snow…



About Dee

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2 Responses to I live in the Snow…

  1. A beautiful poem Dakshima, the embrace of your words make me smile in such a wonderful way…you are an awesome poet my sister! Love you dear sister, and God bless!

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