This Pain won’t go away…

​I have lost count of days now

It’s too many I have lost my way

I am done with acting strong,

I am done with pretense

When the reality hits me

I don’t know where to go

All I know is I love you

All I know is I miss you

I can’t stop these tears

They flow, never ending from my eyes

My heart is in pain it is agony

I don’t know what to tell

I never lied to you all these years

I am really in love

This distance is making me weak

This distance making me die

There were days in my life

That I would see you in the morn

No matter how much we fought

How much hurt

It would be okay in the end

I could just feel your heart beat

Even from so far

I could see the warmth of your soul

You were the brightest star

When will I see you again?

When will I feel your love?

When will I kiss you till I go insane?

When would we be near again?

About Dee

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