Don’t think I will forget you,ever…

​I know it’s too long

That you have gone out of my sight

I remember,

Don’t be fooled by my indifference

Don’t be fooled by my voice

For I am a master of disguises now

I feel raw, underneath my skin

I feel cold and my soul shivers

I pretend

I try to fool the whole world

You, my love, who have touched my spirit

You should have known better

When I promised you that I will love you forever

I meant every word

Not only when the hell break loose

Not only grass is greener on where I stand

But in sickness and health

In goodtimes and bad alike

Especially bad,

For I know then you need me the most

I tried all my wits to break the walls around your heart

Once warm now colder than the north pole

I tried, you know I tried

But you were determined to torture me

Forgive me if it’s not the best of words

That was how I felt

I am not playing the victim

In your eyes, I have left you

I have, but not forever

For I feel you no matter where I am

Do you remember I looked up even before you enter a room

I felt your presence in my bones

From the first time I kissed you

From the first time you touched me

You think I can forget those memories

I am not a monster but a mortal

When I toss and turn on my cold bed

How I long for your touch

Just to hold you closer to my heart

Just to feel safe

Just to feel your warmth

Just to be with you

I remember,

I remember everything

For you are my kaleidoscopic dream…

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