In my dream,I died…

Its time for me to go out again

In this big bad world,

The pain inside me leaves me breathless

The panic is rising

Did I sleep?

Barely,awoken by my own nightmares

I saw it again,

I was hit,hard by you

But there was blood this time

Oozing from my abdomen

And I think from my wrists too

I must have slit them

When you decided to end me

I saw red blood on snow

And as the look of things

I was not gonna make it

On that stone cold dark night of the storm,

I died on snow…

About Dakshi

I thought I was living for a long time but till I found that special person I never knew I was just existing, waiting for a miracle to happen. And then… You happened… And now I feel that I’m alive, thanks to you now I breathe. You are the only soul that made my life complete. For that I cannot thank you enough. Be with me, in every step I take, Holding Me close to your heart, I know you will, Because of you I'm alive now, My Love…
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