The perfect sanity can be distorted by distance

I am surprised I still breathe

The pain is eating me, it’s eating me alive

But I have to live, I would rather not

but I have to live, although I hate

Just I need you here, near me, where I can see you closer

I have tried every way

Did every prayer




I need my peace of mind which only you can restore

I just need you by my side

When will you be here, if I have a day

or a time

then I will tell my troublesome mind

To be patient

But I know not

I don’t sleep at night

I am in pain

As if I am floating in pool of acid

Heart aches

Ache is not the right word,

It’s as if some one is crushing it on a barbed wire

and then putting it on hot sizzling coal

Love makes me insane

I want someone to feel my pain

And tell God that it is real

I do not lie

What more he wants me to prove?

I don’t know????


~ Dakshi~


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