Now it is high time to pack my bags

Everything should be prim and proper

May be a hot shower would do me good

At least I will smell good

Carefully choosen dress I will wear

Little bit of make up as well

Comb my hair, I have lost a lot

Its good to go before going bald

A letter should be in my pocket

It would make things far better

I will kiss your photo with hunger I will

Then I will lock my apartment and go out

Road is not very far

It is so easy

Which side I should use to Go

Right side lane would take me to home

All I have to do is just jump…
~ Dakshi~


About Dee

This entry was posted in Dark Poetry, Heartache, I hate this distance, I love you so much, I need you in my life, I need you so much closer, I need you to breathe, I will love you for thousand years and thousand more, I will love you till i die and be with you, I write for You, Lonely Evenings, Melancholy, My Death, My life and my soul is you, Pain, Poetry, Read my mind, Relationships, Silence, Tears, Us, Waiting. Bookmark the permalink.

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