With a dead heart…

I wonder

When I keep lamenting over you

When nag you how much I miss

Would it piss you off

A bother you could just avoid

By a click on the Phone

When I cry mornings,noons,eves and nights

Missing you and when I feel a hole where my heart used to be

And hating God for his mercilessless

Would you still love me?

I am not flawless

I am very much human

If not I could close and open chapeters

Close and open

As if there is no tomorrow

Who is here to stop me

I can dance naked in the streets if I want

But I am here

In my room

Thinking and dreaming of you

Are you too or are you too occupied?

Songs keep playing inside my head

I have no switch 


shout out loud 

“I need a miracle”

They sing

“I need ya right now”

It is about me


Sings about Pillow talk

I need you here

Burst out on the way last eve

And when I was working too

What sort of a hell is this?

When couples hold hands

I am on fire

I burn on my own tears

My own sighs

What am I supposed to do

Where am I supposed to go?

I thought God is there ti guide us

I truly thought

I thought only he could help us

But he too enjoying my plight

Inside his temple he is

Watching me and laughing

I am living but my heart is dead…
~ Dakshi~


About Dee

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