Soul of a dead…

I used to ooze with positive light

I thought everything would go my way

You can be positive if you are happy

You can even preach for all
But when you are alone,

Not your shadow is with you

You will feel how melancholy hits hard

It will ruin your mind

It will let you run wild

It will reduce you to dust
I used to be positive

I used to be

I used to be happy

Once upon a day

Only you can make me smile

I know now

Only you can save my skin

Stopping my tears
People must be wondering what is wrong with me

Why I repeat the same things

Over again

If not soon I would go crazy

I feel I am already

When sitting in a lonely place

I am sure you all do
I am broken hearted about God

Oh! I had so much faith

Now I don’t know where I should turn to

I need a miracle if I want to be alive

I keep praying though

Eventhough I hate you God

I am lost in an unknown country

I am lonely

I thought I would be stronger

But my heart is breaking

I don’t know what you dream of now

But when I close my eyes it is always you

I am loosing my mind

I know I need help

Sometimes I close my eyes

And shut tight

And open in couple of seconds

To see this is a dream?
No it is not, I am still here

Still here and crying

Million times I wanted to end my life

I live like a ghost anyway

I am afraid no one will find my rotten body

My soul will be stuck between hell and earth

I just don’t need any love

But yours only

What can I do?

Where I am supposed to go?

Why me?

I have never lied or was unfaithful

Why this punishment?

It is too much for me

65 days of pure horrendous hell

I am living in it

I cannot live or die

Whom should I turn to?

What should I do?

From whom I am asking

Who will save my dead soul?
~ Dakshi~


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