Melting and breaking down…

I am questioning myself

Whether I love you more or is it you?

It used to be our favourite fight

I always used to give up

Who would not adore someone who love you more than you love them?

But it is just past now

The present is surreal

I must have cried more than thousand times

In this short span of living my solitude

I hear vehicles moving outside

But I know no one will come to see me

May be ever

I try to be brave

I have no choice,right?

Living in this box

I tried to talk to myself

But my mind Said ‘back off’

In such ruthless way

I wonder all hermits feel this way

Loneliness that eats our own flesh

Knowing very well

I will go to sleep alone tonight

And would wake up with a heartache…

~ Dakshi~


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