Story continues for the LOST SOUL…

Which road leads where

I have no clue

Everyone passes me by

No one I know, 

of course it makes me blue

I am blue than ever before, feeling my worst now

I left all my dreams with you, that I know is true

Cold and detached, I barely speak

One would misunderstand me for a mortal one so meek

I was happy wasn’t I, what was there for me to seek?

I was smiling and laughing,with you I was at my peak

Skies are blue but my world is so grey

Tortured and tormented

Nightmares keep me awake

If I die on my bed tonight

What would happen, do you think?

I am one lost soul here, worthless to bits…
~ Dakshi~


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1 Response to Story continues for the LOST SOUL…

  1. My sister, never worthless but wonderfully worthwhile. You are an awesome writer/poet! I thought i would share a poem with you to bring a smile ” Worthwhile.”


    A lovely song
    Is found alive
    Deeply embedded
    Within my soul

    Its melody is so
    Lovingly cherished
    That my heart will
    Never let it go

    For the song has
    The precious power
    Which alone can bring
    My face to smile…

    As I think of the
    Love who changed
    My life making the
    Song so beautifully

    Even when we think we are alone, We are always special to the one whose love matters…God!
    Have a beautiful week ahead!

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