Trying to survive – one day at a time…

This self made hell

Its freezing cold in here

Roads are going back and forth

I feel the pain its sincere
Soaked in an unknown rain

Wishing you are here

Heart and hands are too numb

For me to feel what is happening near
One road, no the other

I am loosing my mind

Rain keep challenging me

I am giving in to my fears
I have left a beautiful nest

Where I could have just cuddle

I won’t have to face these pains

I would be happy and clear
But I have left it, I have already

stubborn I was at the time

The moment I land in this strange land

I knew what has gone wrong
I have my faith but not in God

He simply broke my heart

All these years I have asked one thing

But he was merciless and bad
I was a strong believer, I used to be

But he took away my life

So I Will take our fates in my hand

I will make damn sure I win 
Give me sometime my love,

Just sometime

I know things are not sunny at all

You must be wanting to punch me on the face

I understand and of course you are free to punch
But it won’t heal us, we have to be strong

I go through these pains and yet

I breathe because you are there
You are so powerful eventhough you have no idea

You are the one who makes me happy

If you choose you can make me suicidal too

But I beg you, please don’t go there
You are so important, just like the sun

Without no one can live

Without you there is no me

You make me believe,you make me alive…
~ Dakshi~


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