A Cursed One…

Starring at my phone and dozed off

When I am caught between a morning and night

Of the same day,

I don’t know how I should greet the Sun

Once a bright and playful day

Which I took for granted

Leaving my Oasis here I am

On the road less taken

I won’t call myself a hero

But a lunatic

Who left everything I had

Now a laughing stock in every Gods’ eyes

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow 

I have given up my today for tomorrow

It was not for me to decide

Its been days till I saw you last

But I always remember the sadness in your eyes

I am a sinner, a silent killer who broke your heart

And here I am, on my cold bed

Starring up and thinking of my sins

I would not be pardoned

Even if you say so

In my mind

I burn in my self made hell

Every second of every day

And that pain I have no words to tell

If you were here,

It would be a fairy tale I will tell

I repent and I curse myself

When I wonder around like a maniac without a knell…
~ Dakshi~


About Dee

Not writing in this blog anymore....
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2 Responses to A Cursed One…

  1. Intense, sad and yet beautiful words.

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