The worst days of my life…

All my readers must be wondering where I have disappeared. I am depressed and I am missing the person who is the source of all my thoughts. My Muse. My Soul mate and my life. I have taken a decision to move out of my country and I am regretting every second. I am alone and every day I have discussion with myself and I feel terrible. I have sinned. Not by being unfaithful to him but by leaving him, even though it is temporary. I cry most nights and day and evenings and nothing shocks or surprises me. I can go on without food. People don’t care about how you feel, unless it is the one you love. You fight with them, you shout at them, you might not wanting to talk to them sometimes but I am feeling guilty and depressed. I want him to see what I see, I want to hold his hand and roam, not anyone’s hand and I am practically become a zombie. Life hurts. Life sucks. I don’t know when I would write again. May be when I see him again. I am dead now. Without you baby, I don’t want to live this terribly painful life.

I miss you and now I know how it is to miss you because when you were around I took you for granted.

I miss you so very very much.


~ Dakshi~



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10 Responses to The worst days of my life…

  1. Praying you will feel better soon, and that the two of you can be back together.

  2. Regardless, life goes on. Not better, not worse, different. Interesting. More. More life. ❤

  3. skd says:

    Can you talk to him Dakshi.

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