I hate to be…

I write this heart breaking poems
I don’t know whether there is God or not
I believed, I thought, I wished from all my heart
As far as I know I have not sinned in this life

What have I done to make the Almighty upset?
I only have you, the whole world strangers
Every night crying on my lonely bed
Not to live by your side,
Not to share my mornings and eves with you
To live so alone in this lonesome journey

So lonely I am, I have tried to be strong
I have told you to be strong too
But I can’t anymore, I want you here
Near so near where I can feel you with my hand

What have I to do, to make this curse break
To meet you and feel you amidst chaos
What is the meaning of all the luxuries around
If the one I love is not here?

~ Dakshi~

About Dee

Not writing in this blog anymore....
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12 Responses to I hate to be…

  1. Nikhil says:

    There’s too much love out there to curse our very existence!

  2. I’m sorry for the heartbreak you felt, I hope it can heal. 💕

  3. Strong emotions, i definitely feel it.

  4. Daydreamer says:

    I was in a long distance relationship for about six months but, luckily we were able to meet after one month of knowing each other. I’m not sure if this is what you’re going through but, I agree with the other comm enter, you have some very deep, powerful emotions in this. You can definitely feel your sadness.

  5. moonskittles says:

    Ohh.. brought back memories. My husband and I dated for two years in a long distant relationship. It is definitely a difficult thing to do.
    Dajena 🙂

  6. Hey hey hey!


    How u have been?

    Missed u my friend!

    Beautiful verses
    Filled with love
    Sometimes immense
    Joys of love
    Othertimes pains
    Pains of love.

    Lov is the hardest thing to do; i guess!

    Stay happy dear!
    Lots of love

  7. This spoke to me in ways I cannot explain. Beautiful, honest post.

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