Honest Conversation…

I have seen perfect girls on the silver screen,
Glamorous and sophisticated chics
Who smile most of the time
In pain and happiness
Who don’t really show what they truly feel at all

I am sorry to disappoint you but I am not perfect,
Infact I am not a perfect fit
It is true that I love you alright,
But we are never a perfect fit

I can’t hold your hand most times
We hardly ever have time for a little bit of sex
Don’t think I would die as a celebistic celebrity
I am born with flesh and blood and desires

You have your unpredictable moody days
Sometimes a moment would pass sour
I don’t know whether I complete your life
You always seem to be at a loss…

~ Dakshi~

About Dee

Not writing in this blog anymore....
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6 Responses to Honest Conversation…

  1. theonlysup says:

    They appear perfect but aren’t really.. Life is all about respecting imperfections… Do not worry

  2. Remember imperfections make a person more interesting.

  3. Yes its a honest conversation.

  4. chari23 says:

    Good one

  5. Very honest conversation


    : )

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