Plea to him – from Earth…(#2561)

Mornings are usually a sordid affair,
If I am not to see You
Even when I am amidst many people
I am so lost,
I don’t know why, have no clue
But I am dried up inside

As long as I remembered I was a faithful one to him
Even in most hardest days
When many say that he is not around
I have never swayed my faith
But it’s being too long and he is deaf to what I ask
He just act as if he is blind,
I have one love, I have one life
I just don’t want to die alone

May be he just look at me and smile?
Testing me by giving a hard time
I will endure anying for the love of my life
I will promise you one thing
Even if you take every ounce of my life,
Even if you beat me mercilessly,
I will always think of my love
I will think of my baby, before me…

~ Dakshi~

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Not writing in this blog anymore....
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2 Responses to Plea to him – from Earth…(#2561)

  1. Very cute poem ………..

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