Through Hell…


When I am suddenly bombarded with indifference
I wonder and rack my brain
How did I hurt you
What have I done
I am still at a loss

It is true that you give me the world
Also you can give me hell
When you care less, when you show no remorse
You know so well, I am going through hell…

~ Dakshi~

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4 Responses to Through Hell…

  1. Seenorway says:

    Why worry?
    Say what you mean, and mean what you say!
    Tear down your own walls in order to look into the worlds of others.
    Let people get to know you, and you will get to understand others.
    Smile to the world, and it will smile to you!

  2. Nicely penned but why always blame yourself? You’ve tried your best, rest is what it was to be.
    2. In second line you mean “rack” as in nerve-racking or “wreck” wreck my brain. But the word “RAKE” doesn’t fit in does it?
    Best wishes

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