Let me in..(#2540)

I wonder at one time in 2012, more than thousand people read my blog. In a day. It is a drastically different from now. Why?
Is it because I love you less?
Is it because my poems are boring and monotonous?
Is it possible people are too busy?
I can tell you one thing for sure. I am more responsible now. Does that make me no fun?

With thousand and one questions popping out of my head
My heart think with all the might
Have I become a boring old hag?
Who only work but no fun, no play at all?

My heart twinges when it sees you alright
When you enter a room you just make it so bright
You have taught me to go slow but never to forget the fight
Never to let go what I want, out of my sight

The east the west and in between
Even away from seven seas
Up up the sky may be to the moon I would reach
But you are the one I love, let me please?

~ Dakshi~

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3 Responses to Let me in..(#2540)

  1. Uj says:


    I am still following you and reading you.. You never get boring or monotonous.. You don’t know, how much I love your writing.. It inspires me. whenever I feel down, I directly jump to your blog. your writing soothing me…

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