Up above…


Sun is high up
But I am surrounded by darkness
You might wonder I am loosing my mind
It is natural to miss the one you love
Why go all emotional
You should get a grip
Face it and overcome
Someone would preach me,
But it might be easy to preach
Easy to say
Easy for an outsider
And I have tried all the above
And more
But failed
I don’t find enthusiastic about missing you
It’s a pain
A pain till we meet again…

~ Dakshi~

Photo credit: My Ru

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7 Responses to Up above…

  1. Dakshi!
    You are up Above
    Why are you looking Down Below
    When the miracle has Happened
    And you have Met
    Enthusiastic of Meeting Again
    Shall there be no Pain
    Missing , Missing and Missing
    Makes it Interesting You See!!!!!

  2. Miss Ghosh says:

    Really nice Dakshi 🙂

  3. Seenorway says:

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