Break in…

I want you to know
I mean no harm
I want your happiness always
But your walls are too high, too thick
Having troubles break in at times
You and me, we are going for greener pastures
But with one another, don’t forget
Why don’t you crush all the walls around
Come out and kiss me hard?

It’s me, it’s always me
I love you more than life itself…

~ Dakshi~

About Dee

Trying to be a Phoenix🤓
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2 Responses to Break in…

  1. Seenorway says:

    So you’re fighting ‘walls’, Dakshi?
    Have you ever wondered why they’re there?
    The lions roar in the dark you can’t penetrate.
    Your fears fed by things you don’t know.
    Yours and others!
    Shine a light – remove the darkness
    and walls will crumble!

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