I am still the same…


I wonder alone, along the road
I let my feet talk wherever they want
I let my mind roam endlessly
I just don’t want to feel the pain
Don’t know whether to close my eyes
Or shut them tight in my dreams
The longing is there to be with you
But alas! You seem to be gone

Is it me who miss you so much all day
It seems that it’s only me
I try to figure all other possibilities
But you seem so far away
I thought I saw your tears one day
I thought you hate that I am away
But isn’t it so evident now, you have outgrown my face…

~ Dakshi~

About Dee

Trying to be a Phoenix🤓
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3 Responses to I am still the same…

  1. Love is like air
    not here
    still there!

    ; p

    gday Daksi

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog…I have spent some time here learning about your blog and all I can say is that I wish I could express my feelings as well as you do..You are very talented… Michelle

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