Why did you? (*2475)

I complained to God
And he gave me such pain
I was tortured
Still am
I don’t know what to believe really
I have always told others you are true
But are you?
I am the laughing stock now
Cannot have my own love
If you don’t want us to be together
Why let me met him in the first place?
Why let me fell badly for him?
He is such innocent one
Why couldn’t you test my destiny
And destroy me?
Why did you not give him his dreams,
I never had any,
I found love, don’t want to lose it and be on my own
I can’t…


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1 Response to Why did you? (*2475)

  1. Honest thoughts penned here Dakshi. Very nice. I believe there is a Divine plan for everything. Why a meet someone, why for so long, why for such a short time? Questions that we cannot answer. But have faith in the scriptures that talk about these things as passing phases. Best wishes đŸ™‚

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